Best Advanced GG Flavours

Best Advanced GG Flavours

Best Advanced GG Flavours

We know that most countries in Europe can’t order any of the best Advanced GG flavours – a great gaming supplement brand with even greater products! Those of you that have heard about them, or even had the privilege to get their hands on it,  might have a clue on what to expect from their products. But everyone else? Well, they’re a bit out of the loop, and might need some help getting to know the brand a bit more, like for example what flavour to try out, if they have are able to get some!

Luckily enough for you, we’ve made a list of Gamerbulk’s top 5 best Advanced GG flavours, cause we have tried some! They are:

1. Fruit’s Cherry Limeaid – Advanced Focus 2.0

An incredible flavour, with a refreshing aftertaste. Mr. Fruit is a popular gaming Youtuber that plays a mix of games, which suits his official Advanced flavour, which is a cheerful mix of both sweet cherries, and tangy limes. Mix 1 to 2 scoops with some ice cold water and BAM – a refreshing lemonade, which also gives you a super focus to carry you through your games. If you’ve loved flavours like Guacamole Gamer Fart 9000 from GamerSupps, you’ll love this one, as well!

2. Dream Team Punch – Advanced Energy

The Dream Team PUNCH – which literally punches you in the mouth with it’s explosive and impactful fruit flavours. This flavour would most likely remind you of fruit punch (surprise), which usually comes loaded with different flavours from different fruits, too many to count, usually. The Dream Team is a Destiny trio consisting of 3 different content creators, Mr. Fruit, BlueWestlo & Rhabby_V. And just how they kicked ass in Destiny, this flavour is gonna kick yours – in a good way, of course! With both flavour and caffeine. 

3. G1 Gummy Bear – Advanced Focus 2.0

Who doesn’t like gummy bears? Cause we do! If you’ve ever wondered how a drink with the same flavours of gummy bears (most likely red ones) would taste, then this is the drink for you! Sweet, slightly juicy, and real tasty – just like gummy bears. G1 – Gamers First – is an Esports team that plays games like Destiny and Halo, consisting of multiple talents and from all strokes of life. And like any team, they like to stick together – like gummy bears. 

4. Strawberry Shortcake – Advanced Energy

We’re Swedes – we love pastries and cakes! It’s what makes everything go around over here. With that said, anyone would love this flavour. Especially with milk! It’s creamy, sweet and slightly fruity, with a taste that could remind you of strawberry milk, if you’ve tried it. Our guess is that it would absolutely bang in a milkshake. Let us know if you ever try it!

5. 5up Sour Cherry – Advanced Focus 2.0 

We must say, wow, this one tastes JUST like sour Haribo cherries! Sour, sweet and fruity, with a refreshing feeling simply sweeping through your body with every sip. This one is probably going to be a hit for most people, and would most likely be the safest bet if you are a fan of sour flavours. 5up is a popular Youtuber who usually plays Among Us with a bunch of friends. We can confirm that his flavour isn’t sus, at the least.

Summary of Best Advanced GG Flavours

This was our list of our top 5 best Advanced GG flavours! We hope it will be useful to you when ever you decide to get some Advanced GG . If you want to read more about the brand and their products you can also check out our Advanced GG review, as well.

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