The Cheapest Gaming Drink

Cheapest gaming drink

There are a bunch of performance-enhancing drinks out on the market today, with plenty of brands and flavors to choose from. Some are sugar-free, some are even caffeine-free. Some people, however, are on a tight budget, and they only want to know one thing: Which drink is the cheapest gaming drink? 

The top 5 gaming drinks

If we cut out the canned/bottled drinks, and only focus on formulas, we are left with about 5 options. We have Gfuel, Gamersupps, NAU Snse, Rogue Energy and X-Gamer. 

Now, hear me out, picking the cheapest one isn’t always as easy as just picking the one with the cheapest retail price. It all comes down to what you want out of your gaming drink. Are you looking for the best amount of nutritional value per serving in a drink. Or the best taste, best focus, or just maybe the one with the most caffeine per serving? Cause it all varies for every drink!

Cheapest gaming drink – with caffeine

However, let’s say you’re looking to get the most caffeine out of a single serving for your price. For a single serving of X-Gamer energy formula, you will get 200 mg of caffeine. And with 60 servings in one tub, you’ll find that you will get a lot of bang for your buck, compared to most others. However, X-Gamer has a larger amount of calories per serving than say, Gamersupps. So, to reiterate, it all depends on what you prefer to get out of your drink. 

Also, serving sizes and the amount of total servings – they matter too! 

Gamersupps and Gfuel have pretty much the same price tag. However, their sizes and servings differ greatly. Gsupps stands out for having 100 servings. Which they achieve by having serving sizes of only 1,6 grams. For comparison, Gfuel has 40 servings, with 7 gram serving sizes. But, to achieve the same amount of caffeine intake per drink as Gfuel, you would have to take 2 servings of Gsupps. This in turn would make Gsupps 100 servings per tub seem more like 50, which isn’t entirely that bad, considering it’s still 10 servings more than Gfuel. 

The cheapest gaming drink – without caffeine

If you don’t like caffeine, and are looking to get the cheapest gaming drink which still gives you plenty of focus for those long gaming sessions, look no further than NAU Snse, the only completely caffeine-free gaming drink on the market. With 30 servings for a price tag of only €35.99, it gives you a lot of bang for your buck.


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