Energy Drinks Without Caffeine


Energy Drinks Without Caffeine

Caffeine is often a key component of energy drinks. It is used in conjunction with flavorings and other ingredients to give that quick, sharp energy burst. Drinks such as Rockstar, Monster, and Redline all contain caffeine and use it as one of the main ingredients to provide an energy boost.

Whilst caffeine does offer benefits, it also has a host of well-documented negative side-effects too. Due to this fact, you should consider non-caffeine energy drinks from time to time. As you will see, these drinks still provide a mental boost but do not give you the potential negative side effects associated with caffeine. Healthy energy drinks without caffeine will help improve your concentration, give you focus, and keep your brain function active. This is much more preferable than a simple short-term energy blast from caffeine!

energy drinks without caffeine

What are some consequences of drinking caffeine?

Before we look at healthy energy drinks without caffeine, it is important to understand why this substance can be detrimental to your health. There are numerous studies that show caffeine can benefit your health. The key is drinking it in moderation. On the flip side, there are also studies showing caffeine can damage your health in the long run, and have long term effects.

Caffeine sensitiveness

When looking at the negative effects of caffeine, you must also understand that there are varying sensitivities to it. Caffeine can affect people in different ways. This can depend on how sensitive your body is to caffeine. Individuals with high sensitivity, for example, would be more susceptible to the effects of caffeine – Even if they drank a small amount. On the flip side, those who are less sensitive to caffeine would have to drink large amounts to feel the same effects.

Caffeine can become addictive

Consuming a regular amount of caffeine each they can quickly make you addicted. You may not even realize it but your body will come to crave the substance. If you persistently drink caffeine energy drinks on a daily basis, your body may depend upon it. In the morning, for example, you could feel tired and lethargic until you have that first caffeine hit. And if you try to quit, you can at points even get headaches that won’t go away until you fill up with caffeine, or clear the treshold of your addiction.

Any form of addiction is generally harmful. In this instance, caffeine addiction can cause your body to become reliant upon it for standard functions.

Lack of caffeine can result in an energy “crash”

If you drink caffeinated energy drinks or coffee, you will have undoubtedly experienced the “crash”. Caffeine gives your body a short, sharp burst of energy – it is not long lasting. Due to this fact, as the effects of caffeine wear off, you may experience a come-down. This results in a lack of energy and a certain empty feeling – until of course you take that next sip of an energy drink and the cycle starts all over again.

Too much caffeine can cause anxiety and nervousness

Research has shown that caffeine in higher doses can actually cause an increased sense of nervousness and even anxiety. For example, males who regularly drank 300mg of caffeine had much higher stress levels than those who didn’t. This again depends on your sensitivity to caffeine – some people may hardly feel any side-effects at all.

How can energy drinks without caffeine benefit your lifestyle?

So, we have established that caffeine can be detrimental to our health. Why then should you consider taking an energy drink without caffeine instead? Drinks such as these can help you plow through that testing revision session, or grind your way through 4 hours straight of intense building on Fortnite. As you will see below, the benefits are much more subtle and far-reaching than the shot of energy a dose of caffeine provides:

Improve your concentration

We have to get away from the “energy” boost drinks provide – what does this actually mean? An energy drink without caffeine doesn’t give you an energy boost; it can, depending on the drink however, improve your concentration.

Imagine pushing through a tough piece of coursework – its 5,000 words of pure torture. You can feel your concentration waning and your mind starts to wonder. A caffeine-free energy drink can help eliminate these lapses in concentration. It can keep your mind concentrated on the task in hand and allow you to work for longer periods of time without opening YouTube or texting on WhatsApp. This is hugely important when you have revision, coursework or reading to complete for your studies.

Help your mind focus

Focus and concentration are two different things – they are both parts of what we call our “attention”. Focus involves particulars. Your mind will focus on specific things. For example, you are playing Fortnite and are involved in an intense build battle – your mind has to be focused on what panels you are building and where your opponent is. The best energy drink without caffeine can help improve your focus together with your concentration. This is a potent combination and can really improve your performance for gaming and studying.

Improve your memory

Finally, non caffeine energy drinks can boost your memory. Short term and long term memory capacity are important for studying, learning and of course gaming. When studying you must remember quotes, dates, and statistics for example. Without a healthy memory, you will waste time continually referring back to the source material or searching the web for citations.

As you can see, this type of energy drink has so much to offer. Drinking an energy drink isn’t just about gaining a burst of energy. An energy drink should provide real tangible benefits to your mind and well-being. Natural energy drinks (or focus drinks as we like to call them) act like a stimulant for your brain. Furthermore, there are none of the associated negative side-effects that you get from caffeine.

Healthy energy drinks without caffeine are certainly worth a try. Maintaining a healthy diet is a key aspect of improving your well-being. This, in turn, will help you tackle whatever life has to throw at you – revision, exams or gaming for example. Why not give energy drinks without caffeine a try today, and cut caffeine from your diet, at least for a while?



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