Gamersupps Emotional Damage Review

Gamer Supps Emotional Damage Review

Reviewing the once long awaited Steven He x Gamersupps flavor collaboration – Emotional Damage! Read my review below to find out if the flavor is for you or not.


It’s time for the long awaited Gamersupps Emotional Damage review! This tub is a collaboration between the famous Youtuber Steven He, creator of “Asian Dad”, a beloved and super-memed recurring character on the internet. I’ll discuss and talk about the design, taste and the overall experience of this collaborative flavor. I hope that this review will help you decide if Emotional Damage could be a flavor for you – or not! 

You can also watch or listen to my video review of Gamersupps Emotional Damage as well:


Gamersupps Emotional Damage has one of the best tub designs ever. I say this because the tub design is entirely unique, in many ways. If we compare it to Gamersupps more basic designs, which mainly consists of tubs with varying dark patterns, with shifting colorways, Emotional Damage sticks out like a sore thumb. Emotional Damage consists of different comic panels, which are either based upon, or inspired by, different videos from Steven He’s channel. He (or his characters, if you will) is drawn in an old-school comic book art style as well, which captures his wackiness pretty well. 

Gamersupps are no strangers to stylistic tub designs, though. They have also demonstrated their meme-knowledge with their Guacamole Gamerfart 9000 tub design, as well as their more artistic style for their collaborative double-entendre with Strawberry Daiquiri and Pina Colada. However, with this one, they really captured Steven He’s essence, which is great when you want fans and consumers alike to know who exactly the inspiration behind the tub was, without reading the fine print.  

Gamer Supps Emotional Damage Review
The Gamersupps Emotional Damage tub's design looks like it came straight out of a comic book, where Steven He himself is the main character. It's a really unique and charming design, to say the least.


If you’re an avid consumer of Gamersupps, you must know that Gamersupps really love strawberries. This is the case this time as well, but with a peachy twist. That’s right, Emotional Damage doesn’t actually taste like emotional damage (which is great, most of us already get that in abundance…), but of strawberry and peach! If you’ve never had any of the Gamersupps flavors which consists of strawberry of some kind, you’re in for a sweet sensation of strawberry, followed by a calm, blissful aftertaste of peach. If you’ve HAD any recent strawberry-type flavor from Gamersupps before, it might not be as sensational, but the peach really adds something more to it, and makes it a more exciting gaming drink to sip on. 


You can always expect a good taste from Gamersupps, but what about the energy, the focus, the overall experience you get after consumption? If you’ve seen the video review by now, you’ll know that I actually reviewed the caffeine free version of Emotional Damage, and not the regular version. However, it goes without saying that you’ll get the same energy boost from the regular version as you’ll get from all the others. I mean, 100 mg per serving? That’ll keep you up and ready! 

As for the caffeine free experience, it’s a great substitute for any unhealthy soda, or boring glass of water. Even without the caffeine, Gamersupps Emotional Damage still contains a Nootropic stack that’ll give you an increased focus and a better hand-eye coordination, as well as a bunch of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants – stuff your body needs on a daily basis to feel healthy and up to speed. And due to the fact that you’ll need at least 250 ml of water per serving (1 scoop), you can easily increase your daily water intake, without having to worry about overdosing on caffeine. 


If you’re looking for a sweet, satisfying and effective gaming drink, Gamersupps Emotional Damage is the perfect fit for you – especially if you love strawberry and/or peach! And yes, I know that Gamersupps has made a lot of strawberry flavors at this point, so if you’re looking for something else, I’d understand that decision too. But as far as taste, design and experience goes, Gamersupps Emotional Damage is up there with some of the best on the whole market. Take it from me.

I hope you enjoyed my Gamersupps Emotional Damage review! Make sure to checkout some of our other flavor or brand reviews as well.

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