GamerSupps Kaho’s Guil-tea Pleasure Review

Gamer Supps Guil-Tea Pleasure Review

Today I’m reviewing Gamer Supps Kaho’s Guil-Tea Pleasure, a flavor inspired by popular cosplayer Shibuya Kaho! Yeah, it’s a mouthful. Read my review below to find out if the flavor is for you or not.




It’s time for my GamerSupps Kaho’s Guil-tea Pleasure review! This flavor was inspired by popular cosplayer and anime award judge Shibuya Kaho, who eats and breathes anime and manga. A perfect fit for Gamer Supps to say the least, who really have been going ham on the whole Waifu Cup concept for a while now. 


But this review isn’t about that, no,  I’m here to discuss and talk about the design, taste and the overall experience of this collaborative flavor. I hope that this GamerSupps Kaho’s Guil-tea Pleasure review will help you decide if it could be a flavor for you – or not! You can also watch my video review of Gamersupps Kaho’s Guil-Tea Pleasure from our Youtube channel down below:


The design of GamerSupps Kaho’s Guil-tea Pleasure, while a bit raunchy, is incredibly well made. However, that isn’t so weird, considering who made it. You see, this time the design on the tub was made by none other than famous Director, Character Designer and Animator Masashi Kudō – best known for his work on Bleach, a very popular manga and anime series. So if the style felt familiar to you, that is probably why. 



It features a full design all-around the tub, which is a regular 100 serving tub like you would see normally, reflective lid and all. On the tub you can see Shibuya Kaho in two various poses, drawn in Masashi Kudō’s style. Between the two images of her, you have the name of the tub, Kaho’s Guil-tea Pleasure, written in a stylistic font in an almost tea-colored color. Behind the text, in green, you can see a Japanese kanji that means ”Tea”. So if you know, please leave a comment! Overall I think it’s one of Gamer Supps most well-made designs to date. Could’ve been a bit less…. Sus, though.

GG Kaho's Guil-Tea Pleasure Review
GG's Kaho's Guil-Tea Pleasure design features artwork made by Masashi Kudō, which depicts Shibuya Kaho herself in various poses, with a colorful background and kanji text.

Now, if you’ve watched my video review of it, you would see that I didn’t really know what exactly it was supposed to taste like. To be fair, it is not written clearly anywhere on the tub, or even in Gamer Supps own product page for it. However, after digging a little deeper I found out that it’s supposed to be a black tea blend mixed with passion fruit. After that, the flavor really made sense to me. 

The top note tastes just like a sweet and sour passion fruit, which transitions into a sweet and herby ice tea aftertaste. From the video you would hear me say that it was really sour. More so than Sour Green Apple. I would like to mention that since that video, whenever I drink it, I feel like it’s not as sour as when I first tried it. So take that information for what you will, but do expect a slightly sour taste, at the very least. 


As always, with Gamer Supps you’ll find 100 mgs of caffeine per serving. You’ll also get a bunch of antioxidants and minerals, and L-theanine and L-Tyrosine. Their energy and focus complex ain’t much bigger than most other brands, or eye-opening. However, it’s a lot better than regular canned energy drinks, and you get about 100 servings of it. This means that money wise, it’s a great deal. If you are a hardcore, competitive gamer, I would probably guide you towards another brand of gaming drink. But if you are a casual player, or someone who’s just looking for a cheap and tasty supplement for everyday use, I would definitely pick Gamer Supps.  


If you’re looking for a fresh, sweet and savory energy drink, GamerSupps Kaho’s Guil-Tea Pleasure is the perfect fit for you! Especially if you love passion fruit, black tea AND anime. The design could potentially be a bit boobalicious for some (and perhaps not enough for some). However, when it comes to getting the most bang for your buck, Gamersupps and their Kaho’s Guil-Tea Pleasure flavor is up there with some of the best on the whole market. Take it from me.

I hope you enjoyed my GamerSupps Kaho’s Guil-Tea Pleasure review! If you feel like trying it out for yourself, you can find it in our store. Also, make sure to check out some of our other flavor or brand reviews as well.




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