Gamersupps Sour Apple Review (by Felix)

gamersupps sour apple review

Review time! Today I will give you a Gamer Supps Sour Apple review, and hopefully you will decide if it’s a flavor for you or not. Let’s get to it!


Let’s start the Gamersupps Sour Apple review! This blog will cover the flavor’s design, taste, and overall experience after consumption. And, in case you’re interested in trying it out yourself after reading this blog, you can conveniently find it in our store (subject to availability). So, without further ado, let’s dive into the Gamersupps Sour Apple review!

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First out are my thoughts on the design of the tub. Nothing more, nothing less than a sleek and clean design. The green with black details looks good together, and it does give me the a hint of a green apple flavor. That’s probably why it is called sour apple. Overall, there is nothing special about this tub design compared to a lot of their other flavors. It got the simple, chrome-looking tub, with it’s colored pattern on the label, with the GG logo and everything. Not to say that it is bad or anything – I’ve always liked Gamer Supps tub design – but there is just nothing special about this one in particular.


If you’re a fan of sour apple flavors, then Gamer Supps Sour Apple will not disappoint you. The flavor is strong, but not overpowering, and has a perfect balance of sourness and sweetness. Upon tasting it, I could immediately taste the sour apple notes, which were followed by a subtle sweetness that made the flavor well-rounded and enjoyable. The drink was also refreshing and had a pleasant aroma.

Overall, the Gamer Supps Sour Apple flavor is delightful and unique, making it a great option for those who enjoy trying new flavors. Even if you’re not typically a fan of sour apple flavors, I would still recommend giving it a try as it might pleasantly surprise you.

Gamer Supps Sour Apple Review
The design of this Gamer Supps Sour Apple Caffeine Free tub is pretty basic for Gamer Supps standards, but the flavor isn't, let me tell you!


As usual with these caffeine products from Gamersupps you get a great energy boost, with no crashes, jitters or anxiety caused by the caffeine afterward. All Gamer Supps versions also include a great antioxidant complex, as well as a bunch of vitamins and minerals, that will more than meet your daily values. This makes Gamer Supps a great choice if you take it during your workday or gaming sessions.

And I must point out one thing, if you prefer caffeine-free options, we offer that too (like the one in the picture above).We have Gamersupps Sour Apple in 60 serv (caffeine) and 120 serv (caffeine free). There is a great tasting option for everyone!


Gamer Supps Sour Apple is a sweet and sour treat, that also brings the heat to your everyday life AND intense rounds of gaming. Sadly, Gamer Supps Sour Apple don’t come in 100 serving tubs, only 60, and the 120 caffeine free one. But if you do enjoy a sour flavor, then you should quickly get this one, cause Gamer Supps don’t offer that many sour flavors, in all honesty! And overall, Gamer Supps is a great gaming drink, that gives you a lot of bang for your buck, with is small serving amounts, and large number of servings. A great drink, to say the least!

That was pretty much it. Hope you enjoyed my Gamer Supps Sour Apple review. If you have any questions join our discord or send an email to Also, don’t forget to check out some of our other reviews as well!

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