Gamersupps Watermelon Ice Review (by Felix)

Gamer Supps Watermelon Ice Review

Time for my Gamer Supps Watermelon Ice review! This flavor will surprise you, like it did me. But is it a flavor for you? Read to find out!


Are you looking for a refreshing and tasty caffeine-free gaming drink? Look no further than Gamer Supps Watermelon Ice! In this review, I will dive into all the details of this delicious drink, from the design of the tub to the taste test. Also, to be perfectly clear with you guys, I did review the caffeine free version of this flavor. However, be mindful that there is basically no difference taste, look or smell wise compared to the regular version. So you can see it as a review of the regular version as well!

Also, I did a video review of Gamer Supps Watermelon Ice as well, watch it here:


Let’s start with the design of the tub. The reflective lid, and the purple and green label with a paint splatter design, makes the whole tub stand out a bit. However, the overall design is not particularly unique, as most other Gamer Supps tubs feature similar design choices. It’s worth noting that this review is for the caffeine-free version, which comes in a bigger tub. However, the taste and color are pretty much the same as the regular version, so pay that in mind. Speaking of color, this powder itself has a lovely pink, or perhaps light purple color, that looks interesting and unique. 

GamerSupps Watermelon Ice Review
The design of the Gamer Supps Watermelon Ice tub (caffeine free) is dark purple and green, with a nice color splat pattern on the label. The tub is the same old reflective, chrome colored tub we've always seen.


Now, onto the taste. To quickly just go over the smell a bit, it has a candy-like watermelon aroma, although it’s challenging to pinpoint exactly what it smells like. As for the taste, it’s got a sweet and slightly sour or bitter aftertaste, which makes it an enjoyable drink. If you like watermelon candy or gum, you’ll love this drink. It’s not exactly an authentic watermelon flavor, but it’s pretty close. The taste is unique and flavorful, making it an excellent choice for those who get tired of drinks quickly. 

For the perfect taste, I recommend you use two scoops with 400 milliliters of water. However, you can adjust the water amount to your preference for a stronger or lighter taste. The mix is easy, and there’s no need to shake the tub vigorously like with some other gaming drinks.


With the regular version, you get 100 mg of caffeine per scoop, a bunch of antioxidants and minerals, as well as L-theanine and L-Tyrosine. With the caffeine free version, the only difference is basically the lack of caffeine. However, the caffeine free version is a great alternative for those that wish to enjoy most Gamer Supps flavors, withour having to worry about consuming any more caffeine.

That’s the main gist of Gamer Supps, though. Their energy and focus complex ain’t big, or eye-opening, but they give you an energy and focus complex that will do you well, and give you A LOT of servings of it. Money wise, it’s a god-tier choice. 

If you are a hardcore, competetive gamer, I would probably guide you towards another brand that would give you more of an effective boost to your game. But if you are just a casual player, or someone who just enjoys a cheap, yet tasty and good gaming drink, which works for everyday use, I would definitely recommend Gamer Supps.


Overall, Gamer Supps Watermelon Ice is a fantastic caffeine-free gaming drink that you should try. It’s refreshing, delicious, and has a unique taste that makes it stand out from other gaming drinks. If you’re a watermelon fan, this is a must-try!

I hope you enjoyed my Gamer Supps Watermelon Ice review! If you feel like you want to try it out, you can get it from our store here. Make sure to check out some of our other flavor or brand reviews as well.

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