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gfuel in belgium

Have you seen all your favorites streamers, gamers and content creators being sponsored by GFUEL? You probably have as the company’s main marketing strategy is selling through influencers. But getting Gfuel into Belgium is not easy. They are not allowed to sell to the country currently if you buy directly from GFUEL’s store

But it IS possible to get some to Belgium, without blowing up the bank, or having to wait months via transatlantic shipping. We at Gamerbulk have a lot of Gfuel products in our store, from shaker to tubs. If you decide to try us out, we’d love to hear your feedback on our service as well! Gamerbulk is made for gamers, if there’s something you’d like to see here, give us a message!

Why is GFUEL Belgium a struggle?

So. Belgium is a very independent country with a lot of export/import rules. One of them is that there is a limit to what you can order into the country but also that there might be restrictions in what type of Food & Beverage that can be imported.

Does GFUEL ship to Belgium?

GFUEL themselves have stated that their packages do NOT reach Belgium unfortunately. 

This is however ONLY if you buy it from their website. If you purchase through our page you can import GFUEL with just a couple of days of shipping. Actually a much smarter choice to avoid cross-atlantic shipping!

We have also already pre-paid all toll-fees, and because Belgium is part of the EU, you can order from us completely toll-free.

Any other alternatives?

You can always alook into other gaming supplement as well. A big contender in Belgium is Nau. We also have a complete range of other alternatives that you might find interesting in our store.

Hopefully this article answered some questions. You can get your favorite energy drink to Belgium – if someone says otherwise, they’re misinformed! 

Have a great day!


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