GFUEL Naruto Sage Mode Review (by Felix)

GFUEL Naruto Sage Mode Review

Presenting my very own GFUEL Naruto Sage Mode review! I finally got time to review this Naruto and GFUEL collaborative flavor for myself, and now I need to share my opinions with you guys!

Introduction – GFUEL Naruto Sage Mode Review

We’ve had this tub just sitting unopened in our office for a while now, so I finally decided to open it to make my very own GFUEL Naruto Sage Mode review. GFUEL loves their collaborative flavors, but I gotta say – I didn’t expect them to come through with a Naruto flavor. That came a bit out of nowhere. I’m sure a lot of you die-hard Naruto fans out there were more than happy for it’s release, and maybe some of you were intrigued to try it, even. I certainly was, which is why I’m now bringing you this review. I’ll discuss and talk about the design, taste and the overall experience of this collaborative flavor.

I also did a video review of GFUEL Naruto Sage Mode on our Youtube, which you also can watch:


Now, most of us here at Gamerbulk haven’t really absorbed a lot of Naruto content, to be honest. However, even the majority of us could agree that GFUEL Naruto Sage Mode’s design was sick! The whole print depicts Naruto in his so-called “Sage Mode”, with different images all through-out, with a lot of orange and black. 

Now, I couldn’t find any information about the images of Naruto, if they were pulled straight from the show and printed onto the tub, or if they were designed and drawn specifically for this tub design. Either way, it’s a VERY unique print design, which really pays homage to both the show, and character! I would very much understand if a Naruto fan were to buy one simply as a collectors item, and not even open it. It’s THAT cool.   
GFUEL Naruto Sage Mode Review
The GFUEL Naruto Sage Mode tub design is highly detailed and colorful, and pays homage to the show in the best of ways. It even features Naruto himself, in the mentioned "Sage Mode".


Ever tried pomelo, or perhaps a white peach? No matter the answer, GFUEL Naruto Sage Mode tastes like both, so either you’ll love it, or you’ll get to experience them both for the first time with one sip with this one! Now, I had no real memory of ever eating a pomelo, nor a “white” peach. 

So with that said – I didn’t know what to expect. A pomelo is a citrus fruit, which is the foretaste you’ll feel when first taking a sip. It’s quite bitter and sour, with a slight sweet hint. The aftertaste, however, is where the white peach comes in, which brings a tender sweetness to the whole flavor. This combination was a real mastermove by GFUEL, which left a lasting impression on me after tasting it.


Now, you know about the design, the flavor… But what about the overall experience? The energy kick, the focus, all that jazz. Well, GFUEL Naruto Sage Mode wouldn’t be complete without GFUEL’s very own energy and focus complex, which in my opinion hits pretty hard. If we’re only counting the caffeine, that’s already 140 mgs! That’s more than most canned energy drinks on the market. So yeah, you’ll definitely feel rejuvenated after a serving. That is if you aren’t incredibly used to caffeine at this point already (like me), then maybe not.
And yes, this flavor, like all the other GFUEL flavors, was also a bit chalky. Most of the times I can’t really finish the last sip due to the chalk, but with this one it was somehow manageable. I’ve heard that cold water might help a bit. Sadly for me, the tap at our office can’t produce real cold water, so half-cold water was all I had. Otherwise, the drink was easy to make, and gives you a good boost that’ll last you for a short while, at the very least!


Do you love GFUEL? Do you love Naruto? Do you love bittersweet flavors? If you said yes to ANY of these questions (preferably all 3), then this flavor is the right pick for you. It’s design is unique and pays homage to one of the biggest manga/anime characters in the world, and the flavor is perfectly balanced between bitter and sweet. 

And if you are a serious GFUEL hater, we urge you to at least try this one – you won’t regret it! You can find it in our shop. I hope you enjoyed my GFUEL Naruto Sage Mode review! Make sure to check out some of our other flavor or brand reviews as well.

Take care!   



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