How and Why You Should Quit Caffeine.

how to stop drinking caffeine

Quit Caffeine?

Is it time to quit caffeine? We’ve all been there. Drinking energy drinks, coffee and caffeine pills those late nights to be able to keep awake. What most people however forget, is that staying awake is not the same thing as keeping focus. There are plenty of tasks were caffeine helps. Studies shows that caffeine can help you stay concentrated for repetitive tasks, but NOT for creative thinking. 

Caffeine also comes with a crash. As the effect disappears you experience what we call a caffeine crash, similar to a sugar crash. Furthermore, the supplement is mildly addictive – meaning that you can feel withdrawal symptoms such as headache and anxiety. You also build up a tolerance, which you might have realized when you eventually need to drink more to keep the same effect as you used to.

There’re plenty of times when caffeine is great!

There’s a reason why so many people consume caffeine everyday. However, most people fails to drink it properly – in low doses, making sure to detox whenever it isn’t needed (during vacations, in between exams etc), and using substitutes for mental focus when needed – such as L-theanine and other nootropics.

How do you detox?

As mentioned, caffeine is mildly addictive. Quitting cold turkey is not the best thing as you will immediately get headaches, anxiety and other symptoms. Best thing is to use substitute ingredients such as L-theanine and decreasing the amount of caffeine you consume per day. 

For example. If you drink 5 cups of coffee a day. You can start one week with only 3 cups a day, one week with 2 and the last week with just 1 cup a day. 

If you find it hard to detox yourself you might want to check out Wean Caffeine. Here’s some facts about the products:

1. The product is designed to reduce your caffeine intake gradually over the course of 30 days. 

2. It’s completely natural, easy to use and completely gets rid of the guess work in caffeine detoxing. 

3. The product isn’t for free, but it’s cheaper than your coffee. For example, Wean Caffeine costs $0.66 per day – compare that to a three dollar cup when you meet up your friends at Starbucks. 

If you want to check them out, then here’s the link. The article is NOT sponsored by them and we will continuously check for more alternatives as they come! 

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