Gamerbulk Loyalty is a loyalty program to make sure we reward our most loyal customers. In a fun and exciting way!


Our loyalty contact mail is
Make sure to add it as a trusted sender for your email or check spam if you are missing emails.


Our loyalty program comes in seasons, during each season you will be able to climb up ranks and get rewards, discounts, access to limited products, free items and more!


The XP System

XP is the point and reward system we use to calculate your progress in the loyalty program. You can earn XP in different ways. Here’s a list of examples:

Ranking System

Season 1 starts off with 20 ranks. Some ranks will give you rewards. 


Scroll through all rewards and claim those reached.


Referring friends and family is a great way to earn extra XP. You earn XP when your referral leads to either:

You can find your referral link by navigating to your account and find the “Referral” box there.


Here is where you can earn XP without ordering anything!

Objectives come and go and can change during the Season. 


We have several objectives that you can earn on the website besides purchasing items. Here’s the current list of objectives to earn more XP.

You earn XP for each of the objectives and when reaching a specific count of each you can earn Achievements with additional XP reward!


When you complete a website objective you may also complete an achievement.

Each website objective has a set of levels and when you reach that level, you earn an achievement icon together with even more XP.

The table below shows each achievement and number of levels. You can also see your available badges in your account here.


Besides earning XP by completing objectives on the website, you can also earn objectives by participating in community activities.

Most of these activities will be announced via our Discord. Objectives can be, but definitely not limited to, for example:


Product reviews on the webpage can be made on each product page. PLEASE! Make sure to keep each product review about the product.

You can only review products that have been bought via your account. Guest reviews are not allowed.

All reviews are manually verified before going live. If you have any questions or reports regarding existing reviews, please contact our support for assistance.

For Gamerbulk general company reviews, please visit our trusted partner Trustpilot.


To participate in any Gamerbulk giveaway you need to be 18+ years old. All applicable taxes that may incur on giveaway prices need to be paid and declared by the winner.

320 XP / SHAKEMASTER - Exclusive Giveaway Access

If you have reached Rank Shakemaster (320 XP) in the Gamerbulk Loyalty Program you have gained access to exclusive giveaway access.

We will have a few giveaways during each season for those that has reached a certain threshold (this season, rank Shakemaster). 

The giveaways will vary in prizes and how many winners. Example of possible giveaway items: Tubs, Shakers, Gift Cards, Merch & Loyalty XP.

An Email will be sent out whenever a giveaway is live.

You enter the giveaway automatically, no other action is needed. We will contact the winner with a coupon code via email (make sure to have as a trusted sender). 

550 XP / BULKBEAST- Raffle Giveaway (each Month)

If you have reached Rank Bulkbeast (550 XP) in the Gamerbulk Loyalty Program you are eligible for a monthly giveaway where the winner will win a refund of an order they placed the previous month. The winner will be drawn at the start of each month.

You enter the giveaway automatically by placing an order, no other action is needed. We will contact the winner with a coupon code via email (make sure to have as a trusted sender). 


Coupon is active for three (3) months and works with any product in the “Tubs” category. The code requires a purchase in the store and cannot be used solely to ship out the free tub.