Nau Drinks Review

nau drinks review

A Nau Drinks Review?! Yes. This brand is one of the most popular brand for focus when gaming, studying and working! Why? Simple, it’s not an energy drink, at least not a traditional one. It does not contain ANY caffeine or taurine and won’t jack you up so you feel that you need to run a marathon once consumed. 

Nau’s first and currently only product series is called Snse. It’s a mental performance drink, or a nootropic – whatever you want to call it, it’s perfect for gaming.

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Nau Drinks Review

So what does it contain? 

With no ingredients typical to a traditional energy drink – what the **** is in it? 

The active ingredients in Nau Snse can be summarized to L-theanine, Cognivia, Lemon Balm, Magnesium, B-Vitamins and Cranberry Extract. With the most important for cognitive function being L-Theanine and Cognivia. 

You’ll find 200mg L-theanine in one serving of Snse by Nau and 400mg Cognivia. For everyone that doesn’t know what Cognivia is, it’s a combination of Spanish & Garden Sage for improved focus and memory.

Ingredients in Pineapple Twist Flavor

We’ll keep the ingredient talk a bit shorter in this Nau Drinks review, but here’s an example of the content in their Pineapple Twist: 

“Maltodextrin (maize), trimagnesium citrate, vitamins (D-pantothenate calcium, pyridoxine hydrochloride, nicotinamide), acidity regulator (citric acid), salvia extract (sage, arabic gum, sage essential oil), cranberry extract (cranberry, magnesium hydroxide, citric acid), flavour, L-theanine, paprika oil extract, sweetener (sucralose), lemon balm extract, anti-caking agent (tricalcium phosphate).”

How’s the Experience?

Let’s look at product feel and taste.

The Product

Mixes very well. It’s soluble when using a shaker or just using a spoon in a glass of water. It shouldn’t be too cold though. We noticed that when adding ice cubes in the shaker before adding Nau Snse it takes longer time to dissolve. A pro-tip, add ice cubes after mixing Nau Snse with water.

The Taste

We have tried three flavors of Nau Snse. We had some different opinions among us. But we would say that’s the normal case with the GamerBulk team.

  1. Flavor – Lemon Balm/Elderberry is very unique in flavor. It’s definitely more herby than the other two flavors and all the other gamer drinks we have tried so far. It’s hard to define exactly what the flavor is. But don’t think you will get a lemon flavor, this is not that. However, this one is really growing on me. It’s not at all sweet as the traditional gaming drink. It is definitely refreshing, actually makes it much easier to drink when it isn’t that sweet. If you are a sweet tooth, try adding some more to your shake, amps up the flavor a notch or two.
  2. Flavor – Raspberry/Blueberry this berry mix was awesome. We really enjoyed it and if you like berry flavor, you should try this one. This one is not that sweet either, just as the previous flavor this one is also less sweet than the traditional gaming drinks which makes it very refreshing and easy drink.
  3. Flavor – Pineapple Twist much fruitier and sweeter than the other two. Personally I enjoyed the previous two in sweetening more, but my colleague loved this one. It’s much closer to the traditional energy drinks in terms of sweetening. But overall in flavor, it’s actually really close to a pineapple drink.

They’ve also launched a fourth flavor, Green Apple! Which we haven’t tried yet.

When it comes to flavor in general Nau Snse tastes more like ice tea if we have to compare it to something similar. Because it is caffeine and taurine free there is a huge difference in taste compared to energy drinks. We have tried several energy drink brands. And although they differ from each other, the base of the products are somewhat the same. But with Nau Snse, it’s something completely new. 

The Performance

Snse by Nau takes around 15-30 minutes to take effect, but have a short-time focus range of ~6 hours but is recommended to use every day for long term effects on cognition and memory. 

Don’t expect to get the same effect you will from an energy drink The best way of explaining the feeling is that you get calm, the stress of things around you doesn’t affect you as much, and the result of all that is an increase in focus and concentration. And of course, no jitters. 

The Design

The design of the package is neat and clean! It’s a good way to differentiate from the other brands. There are some cool things to do here with the design though. However, we love the packaging of it. The sachets come in an environmentally friendly package which is great. 

Nau Drinks vs Gfuel

Many of you ask the difference between Nau vs Gfuel. And the question is rather, is there any similarities? As Nau isn’t an energy drink but a pure mental performance drink, the ingredients are very different and you’ll have to decide if you need a product that’s completely for focus whilst gaming, studying etc or if you want one you can use for physical activities as well, if so, go for Gfuel.

Conclusion of the Nau Drinks Review

A great alternative to all the performance drinks on the market. An extra boost you need to get a crisp and clear focus, and perfect to get you through a long gaming, studying or work session. We recommend buying Nau Snse and see for yourself how it helps you increase performance. Ultimately, every person reacts differently to the product. So you should try it and get your own experience of Nau Snse – and tell us what you thought!

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