Best With Carbonated Water Review

Best With Carbonated Water

Best With Carbonated Water Revoew By Felix

Felix is our eCommerce intern at Gamerbulk, that for the next couple of weeks will review, highlight and pretty much say whatever he wants to say about a chosen topic or product. All in his own words. Get to know him more through these weekly blog posts, as well as maybe catching a few laughs. Maybe you’ll even find an interest in some of the products he will talk about? – Gamerbulk


My name is Felix and I’m 24 years old and currently doing my internship at Gamerbulk as an aspiring E-Commerce Manager! I found my place at Gamerbulk by a mix of two things, my love for gaming and my love for caffeine (which may or may be edging towards an addiction at this point). Two things that the whole idea of Gamerbulk was built around. So when it came down to picking an internship, my choice really wasn’t that hard. And now I get to have my own blog and make my words and views heard. Pretty darn neat, if you ask me 😉


Welcome back, peeps of the world wide web! Nice to have you back here, reading my reviews again. Or maybe you’re new? In that case; HI! You’re in for an exciting review today since I will review, rate, 5 different drinks with carbonated water because why not! 


What do you do when you don’t have any carbonated cans of the flavors you want to try? You MAKE IT YOURSELF! So let’s jump right into the list.  


1. Gfuel Star Fruit – 10 points

Firstly, WOW! Seriously G-Fuel, please make a canned version of this flavour, too! It tasted amazing. Not kidding, please, for the love of god, try it for yourself!

However, I’ll have to be honest though – I had no idea who Butters was until I checked her out (would be rude not to). But I can gladly say that her flavour is one of the better ones. At least carbonated. 

Also, secondly, what the f**k is a star fruit?

2. Gamersupps Guacamole Gamer Fart 9000 – 8 points

Gamersupps and their Guacamole Gamer Fart 9000 flavour has become a personal favorite of mine. I love citrus flavours like lime, as a result, it really struck me in all the right ways when I first tried it. As such, trying it with carbonated water sounded like a splendid idea!

As for the taste, it was pretty good! However, I wouldn’t necessarily put it higher on this list, as well as it really did not surprise me much, flavour wise. I’m also still unsure if I would call it “better” than just going with non-carbonated.  Because of that I gave it 8 points which is still a solid second place.

3. Gfuel Snow Cone – 6.5 Points

This was the true definition of “mid”. I thought that maybe the carbonated water would simulate the feeling of “popping” ice, which I used to feel when eating snow cones and was hoping this would take the flavour a step further. Sadly, this was not the case and it really didn’t do much, taste wise.

Also, “snow cone syrup” would be such a weird flavour for a real soda and this is which I why I think the taste was so odd and foreign to me. It wasn’t bad, don’t get me wrong but it was just… Meh.  Therefore it gets 6.5 Points!

By all means, I recommend you go out and try it for yourself, and make your own opinion about it. This one is hard to describe, really.

4. NAU Snse Watermelon Splash – 4 points

Let me start off by saying that NAU Snse has slowly, but surely, started to become my gaming drink of choice. Their flavours are incredibly tasty, and they don’t contain any caffeine, which is really good for my overall health from time to time. But with carbonated water? Definitly. Not. It. 

Watermelon Splash is one of my favorite flavours of theirs, being second only to Pineapple Twist (we’ll talk about that one up next…), therefor I had really high hopes of it tasting amazing with carbonated water. But oh boy, how wrong I was. 

But why? JUST WHY?! Why couldnt it just taste good?? Was there some kind of chemical reaction, or that the green tea extract not fitting well with the bubbles? I don’t really know but above all, it was just truly heartbreakning, I wanted this to taste good. I’m actually so sad about this one 🙁

4 points!

5. NAU Snse Pineapple Twist – 3.5 points

This was heartbreaking to rate, in fact, crushing. For those of you that can remember, I actually drank this flavour with milk, MILK, and it tasted like heaven. So why, just why, did it taste bad with carbonated water? Besides, I suppose everything has its flaws. Even NAU Snse Pineapple Twist, nevertheless, still surprising.


In conclusion, I think I’ve learned a valuable lesson during the making of this review: Just because something sounds good carbonated, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it actually is. So, frame that quote above your bed frame, why don’t you?

That’s it for this week’s review! Stay well and be well, have a nice day! 

/Felix, the intern



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