Gfuel Snow Cone Review

Gfuel Snow Cone Review

Gfuel Snow Cone Review


Gfuel Snow Cone Review By Felix

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My name is Felix. I’m 24 years old, currently doing my internship at Gamerbulk as an aspiring E-Commerce Manager! I found my place at Gamerbulk by a mix of two things – my love for gaming, and my love for caffeine (which may or may be edging towards an addiction at this point). Two things that the whole idea of Gamerbulk was built around. So when it came down to picking an internship, my choice really wasn’t that hard. And now I get to have my own blog, made for my words and views. Pretty neat, if you ask me 😉


Helloooo again, Gamerbulk-community! Hope you’re keeping up out there in this never-ending pandemic, and hopefully you’ve been improving that Win/Loss ratio in-game during it.

Today’s review is a little different from the last one, as it contains ZERO memes (at least from their side, I might reference some 😉). It’s just a simple, good ol’ fashioned flavor review – this time from the One-and-only Gfuel!


The flavor of today is a bit unique; Snowcone – the only colored snow you could eat! I know, right? How could you possibly make something taste like flavored ice? Well, you should ask Gfuel that, cause those bas***ds did it! I don’t know how exactly, but they really did. Now, I haven’t really eaten a snowcone since I was, like, 8? So my memory of the actual taste might be a little vague. But I swear, this is probably how it tasted. 

Now, my guess is that they’ve mainly focused on trying to recreate the taste of the syrup that you put over the snowcone, which gives it that memorable flavor (which I don’t really know what it’s supposed to taste like).

If you want to feel that “ice” taste as well, like I did, then put crushed ice or ice cubes into your shake. If that’s too much hassle then just use ice-cold water instead. That’s what I did the second time I tried it. Not really as nostalgic as when you did it with ice, but the flavor is there!


Now, I’m gonna be completely honest; Gfuel isn’t really my cup of tea. At least not from the few flavors I’ve tried. But I gotta say – this s**t bussin’. So with that said, I’m gonna cut Gfuel some slack, and make sure to try out more of their flavors. Because some of their flavors are obviously good!

The flavour really reminds me of when I used to visit a circus with my family, where they always used to sell Snowcones. Nowadays, I’m a clown, so I bring the circus to everyone else 🤡.


Good work, Gfuel! You’ve successfully converted me into a fan. I hope you’re happy.

The flavor was surprisingly good, and also surprisingly close to the authentic flavor of a snowcone. I love it when a flavor surprises me, and I gotta give it to Gfuel this time, cause they really did! And for those that might be wondering: Yes, that energy and focus that you usually get from Gfuel – it’s still there. I won 2 games of Warzone yesterday after I had some, in a row. That’s rare, if you ain’t a pro, which I’m absolutely not.

That’s all, folks! Make sure to acquire some Gfuel Snow cone for yourself. It’s surprisingly good, after all 😉

/Felix, the intern