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NAU Drinks Watermelon Splash Review

Watermelon Splash Review


NAU Watermelon Splash Review By Felix

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My name is Felix. I’m 24 years old, currently doing my internship at Gamerbulk as an aspiring E-Commerce Manager! I found my place at Gamerbulk by a mix of two things – my love for gaming, and my love for caffeine (which may or may be edging towards an addiction at this point). Two things that the whole idea of Gamerbulk was built around. So when it came down to picking an internship, my choice really wasn’t that hard. And now I get to have my own blog, made for my words and views. Pretty neat, if you ask me 😉


Hey hey! Hope you’re having a great day, cause it’s time for a new review from yours truly. 

In this review I’m going to talk about NAU Snse, specifically their popular flavor Watermelon Splash. NAU and their Snse series are pretty unique on the market, because they contain exactly ZERO caffeine. None. Nada. Not even a little. So it ain’t an energy drink, like I usually review here, no. NAU put all of their effort into making the optimal FOCUS drink, with plenty of ingredients to keep you alert, ready and, you guessed it, focused.

This flavor also contains no sugar, as well, which comes as no surprise at this point. HEALTH LIVING IS KING!


Let’s get one thing straight: I. Fu**ing. Love. Watermelon. At least as a flavor. The real fruit is pretty cumbersome to eat sometimes, so I don’t eat it very often. But nonetheless, I love the taste of it, so this flavor was pretty much spot on for me. No complaints here! It tasted like watermelon candy. 

Now, my first fear was that it would be all chalky in texture and taste, but it was totally smooth, which surprised me. A lot of big brand drinks often get chalky when you get to the bottom part of the drink, but NAU Snse? Not even once. The consistency, for me, was like drinking water. Simply pure. Definitely one of the better consistencies out there. 


Now, let’s address the big a*s elephant in the room: This gaming supplement contains absolutely no caffeine to speak of.

This was a bit different to me. If you’ve read the “About me” section, you’ll know that I have a slight caffeine addiction, like many others. It’s something I know I should try and cut down on, but it’s not always easy, as I feel that I atleast need some sort of substitute for it, especially when I’m gaming. This is where NAU Snse came in.  

Sure, you could just be an adult and just start drinking more water (pfft), but last time I checked, water didn’t give me razor-sharp focus and a reaction speed that would give most elderly people whiplash, like NAU Snse!


NAU Snse is a great gaming supplement for those looking to cut down on caffeine, or those gamers who have for so long been left out of gaming supplements due to their sensitivity to caffeine. For those of you, NAU is here to give you a warm welcome into the world of game-enhancing drinks! 

NAU Snse gives you an indescribable focus. So much so that even I, who many would claim to have an undiagnosed case of ADHD, can sit down in my chair and focus on a single task for a good couple of hours. Like writing this review, for example.

This drink is one of few that I actually would say would be pretty healthy for you in the long run – which is rare for most things. The ingredients are completely natural for the most part, and have since long been proven to give those certain cognitive-enhancing effects which Snse claims to give. So it’s not just mumbo-jumbo – this drink actually feels healthy.

Don’t believe me? Just try it for yourself 😉

Thanks for reading!

/Felix, the intern