Vitamins for Gamers

vitamin supplements for gamers

Vitamins for gamers

Our bodies require a complex and balanced cocktail of vitamins and minerals to operate at full capacity. Therefore, eating a healthy and varied diet can go a long way to help imbibe our bodies with the substances they need. Supplements are also a fantastic boost that can push our performance to the next level. So let’s talk about vitamins for gamers.

There is a wide range of vitamins and nootropics available to improve mental performance and other bodily functions. One particular group of people who can benefit hugely from vitamins are gamers and streamers. Online gaming and streaming live on Twitch or YouTube can take its toll. It is a mentally and physically demanding role – and this is why vitamins can help! In the below text, we look at which vitamin supplements are particularly suitable for gamers:

Vitamins for gamers, why?

First, let’s look at why gamers may require supplements. You have probably heard of popular streamers such as Ninja, Shroud, and Summit1g. These internet sensations spend hours playing their favorite videos games whilst millions of people watch live. When we say hours, we literally mean a large chunk of their day – professional gamers can stream for up to 8+ hours a day straight.

Obviously, this type of continual exposure to a TV screen or monitor can take its toll. Moreover, the physical and mental strain is great. Streamers and hardcore gamers can put their bodies under immense pressure. This is why vitamin supplements are so beneficial. Gamers can take a variety of vitamins which will enable them to perform at their peak for longer periods of time, without the negative consequences.

What types of vitamins for gamers are there?

As you can see, vitamins are vital. Without a sufficient balance of vitamins, gamers can easily crash and burn. Moreover, their performance can take a hit and playing games or streaming can become a problem. To help, we have listed the main categories of vitamin supplements together with information on how they can help gamers:

Vitamin A

Naturally found in – Cheese, Eggs, Oily Fish, Milk, Yoghurt
Available as a supplement – Yes
Main benefit – Protection against illness & infection

Vitamin A is one of the main minerals we need. It is hugely important and helps our body’s immune system. A healthy dosage of Vitamin A helps protect our body against infection and illness. Without it, our immune system can become weak. In addition to this, Vitamin A helps improve our low light vision. So for gamers, Vitamin A is important to maintain general health. Furthermore, gamers will generally be confined to their rooms for hours on end, so boosting low-light vision can of course help this.

Vitamin B

Naturally found in – Fresh or dried fruit, Wholegrain bread, breakfast cereal
Available as a supplement – Yes
Main benefit – Healthy nervous system

There is a variety of different Vitamin B forms – thiamin, niacin, biotin, folic acid and riboflavin, for example. Each type of Vitamin B serves a slightly different purpose, but the main benefit is to maintain your nervous system. Wholegrain bread and breakfast cereals are a great source of Vitamin B.

For gamers, the nervous system is important. Just imagine sitting in front of a monitor for hours upon end – your hands, fingers, and eyes continually moving. This can put immense strain on your nervous system, therefore taking Vitamin B supplements can greatly help.

Vitamin C

Naturally found in – Oranges & other fruit, potatoes, broccoli
Available as a supplement – Yes The main benefit – Maintaining healthy skin & bones

Most people associate Vitamin C with orange juice – oranges are a good source of this Vitamin, as are other fruits and some vegetables. Vitamin C is vital to protect our skin, bones, blood vessels, and cartilage. Furthermore, it can help repair wounds and minor abrasions.

Vitamin D

Naturally found in – Red meat, egg yolks, liver, kale
Available as a supplement – Yes The main benefit – Maintaining healthy bones, teeth & muscles

Vitamin D is one of the best vitamins for gamers. It is commonly known as the sunshine vitamin. It can help boost your immune system, strengthens bones, supports brain function and also maintains muscle strength. Usually, the average human would gain sufficient Vitamin D from exposure to sunlight.

Obviously, for streamers and online gamers, sunlight can be hard to come by! Streamers, for example, can be shut in their rooms for hours on end – even days. This is why Vitamin D supplements can be so beneficial – it can make up for the lack of natural sunlight.

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Vitamin E

Naturally found in – Plant oils, nuts, seeds, wheat germ
Available as a supplement – YesThe main benefit – Maintaining healthy skin & eyes

Together with Vitamin D, Vitamin E is also hugely important for gamers. There is a common belief that staring continuously at a monitor or TV screen can damage your eyes. The strain this puts on your vision can lead to long term problems and a deterioration of sight.

For gamers this problem is compounded – a streamer could stare at a screen for 8+ hours straight for example. This is why Vitamin E supplements are beneficial and can help. Natural Vitamin E is found in some cereals and plant oils – the daily recommended dosage is 4mg for men and 3mg for women. Taking Vitamin E supplements can help maintain your skin and eyes.

Multivitamins for Gamers

It is possible to take single Vitamin supplements. There is also a wide variety of multi-vitamins available too. These supplements contain an array of vitamins and can provide gamers with a brilliantly combined boost.

Why not boost your own performance today with vitamin supplements? If you stream on platforms such as Twitch or YouTube, taking a regular dose of vitamins could really improve your longevity. Furthermore, you could heighten your mental performance and reduce the damage and strain your body takes when gaming for long time periods.

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