Best Gaming Energy Drink

best gaming energy drink

What is the best energy drink for gaming? There are so many gaming energy drinks to choose from nowadays. Every single company is trying it, even non-food & beverage companies such as Razer with their Respawn drink. But which one is the best? G FUEL? Red Bull? Sneak? Respawn? NAU Drinks? Let’s find out!

Best Energy Drink for Gaming

As with everything in life. It completely depends on you. The best energy drink for gaming exists for you, but it all depends on what you are after. If you are gaming 6-12 hours a day, drinking gaming energy drinks every single day will probably not be that good for you. You will therefore need to look for healthy alternatives that doesn’t contain caffeine, taurine etc. Such as Nau Drinks. But sometimes you want caffeine. 

The most popular gaming energy drink today is Gfuel. Mostly because of their marketing budget. They have a lot to spend on Youtubers and Streamers which completely hides all the other alternatives. But there are many others if you do not like Gfuel. For instance, X-Gamer, Sneak & Respawn are all powder based energy drinks with A LOT of caffeine. If this is what you are after. 

If you rather want gaming energy drink that’s already mixed in water you need to look for the older alternatives such as Red Bull and Monster Gaming. Or some of the new ones like Game Fuel. Gfuel also have a ready to drink alternative in the US.

All of these gaming energy drinks contains caffeine and a lot of it. We at Gamerbulk are definitely not against drinking caffeine! It can do wonders. But drinking more caffeine then required is counter-productive and even one dose of these brands are usually to much. So we’d suggest starting of with half a dose MAXIMUM per day. 

We did write and article about caffeine intake you might find interesting.

What to choose?

Gaming requires long-term focus. If you drink to much caffeine you will end up with caffeine crashes, which isn’t optimal. Looking for non caffeinated drinks can be better suitable for you. So the best energy drink for gaming would be Nau Drinks for that purpose. No caffeine, just healthier nootropics. 

Gfuel also have a caffeine free version. Their orange flavor – but it doesn’t come with any other ingredients that will actually make you focus. Just some extracts in low amount. But it tastes good! 🙂 

What else do you need to know? 

We are going to make extensive reviews on all these brands. A lot matters when choosing your favorite. Flavor, Price, How it will help you focus and if it is available in your country. Also your age, which products are appropriate for you! 

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