Best Gaming Energy Drink

best gaming energy drink

What is the best energy drink for gaming? There are so many gaming energy drinks to choose from nowadays. Every single company is trying it, even non-food & beverage companies such as Razer with their Respawn drink. But which one is the best? G FUEL? Red Bull? Sneak? Respawn? NAU Drinks? Let’s find out! Best […]

Vitamin D for gaming. Why it can be exactly what you need!

Vitamin D for gaming

How can Vitamin D help your Online Gaming? Our bodies are complex constructs that require a varied balance of vitamins and minerals to function at full capacity. Eating a healthy diet and exercising regularly is an important part of maintaining your health. This is extremely important for those who game or stream. Online gaming and […]

What is L-theanine and How Can It Help Mental Performance?


There are many “wonder substances” that supposedly work miracles. If you look on the web for health products or supplements you can find a host of natural compounds that reportedly cure cancer or hair loss for example. The actual benefits and usefulness of these items are often unclear or simply unfounded. In this article, we […]

How Does Sleep Affect Mental Performance

how sleep affects mental performance

Does sleep affect mental performance? Sleep does infact affect mental performance! It is a well-known fact that our bodies need sleep to function properly. There is a myriad of studies and research undertaken that shows how vital this function is. Without sleep, simple tasks become difficult and our overall mental performance declines. In this article, […]